We are the pioneer manufacturers of Alum in India. Our factory is located at Rasayani, HOC 
Ancillary Estate near Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. The unit has been in production since 1978.

Alum manufacturer in Maharashtra (India)

Our manufacturing product range covers: 

  • Ferric Alum – Solid / Liquid 
  • Aluminium Sulphate (Non Ferric Alum) Solid / Liquid  
    • Installed capacity of Ferric Alum 12000 MTS p.a. 
    • Installed capacity of Aluminium Sulphate (Non Ferric Alum) 3000 MTS p.a.
    • 1st Company in India to obtain BIS (ISI) License for all grades of Ferric Alum
    • In-house testing facility with fully equipped lab
    • Process Control techniques honed over time for quality control
    • Human resources with decades of experience
    • Logistic network to handle multiple quantity needs
    • Financially sound with excellent credit rating
    • Engaged in domestic as well as export business
    • Vast tie ups for raw materials ensuring uninterrupted production